Bolton Hill Community Association

The Bolton Hill Community Association, Inc. (BHCA) started as The Mount Royal Improvement Association, Inc. (MRIA) in 1928. In 2018, MRIA became a 501(c)3 nonprofit known as BHCA to better reflect the identity of the community. The mission of BHCA is to preserve and enhance the quality of life for the community and to strive to make Bolton Hill the finest neighborhood to live in Baltimore. BHCA endeavors to foster a safe, green, and socially conscious community, which embraces and promotes diversity in all of its activities and membership.

With more than 600 households living or working in the neighborhood, BHCA strives to keep Bolton Hill vibrant and healthy, with lively streetscapes, green parks, and safe and child-friendly streets. BHCA provides the forum for Bolton Hill’s diverse community to define issues, take advantage of opportunities, and respond to challenges facing the neighborhood. BHCA also serves as the recognized liaison with elected officials and City departments and neighboring institutions and organizations for Bolton Hill.

Anyone who wishes to support the Bolton Hill community is welcome to become a BHCA member, regardless of whether his or her residence is located in the neighborhood. BHCA membership is open to any renter, homeowner, landlord, business, institution, or other nonprofit group. BHCA members elect a board of directors comprising seven officers and 30 directors to represent and lead Bolton Hill on matters affecting the neighborhood. Anyone can participate in BHCA committees, events, and activities.

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