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Are you a Bolton Hill rental property owner who’d like to connect with others in the neighborhood to share tips on property management, complying with City codes, and attracting stable renters? A BHCA group called Bolton Hill Property Owners Who Rent Apartments is just for you. Contact for more information.

Apartment Buildings

    • The Beethoven: Apartments in historic building in center of Bolton Hill. 1518 Park Ave., 410-728-3781
    • Bolton North: Senior apartments in modern building at north end of Bolton Hill. 1600 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 410-462-5433
    • The Fitzgerald: Newer apartment building with Brass Tap and Noona’s restaurants on ground floor. 1201 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 844-318-5453
    • Jordan Flats: Newly built apartment building with Tilted Row restaurant on ground floor. 303 McMechen St., 410-862-1599
    • Linden Park Apartments: Completely renovated senior apartments in Bolton Hill. 301 McMechen St., 410-523-0013
    • The Marlborough: Senior apartments in the grand Marlborough building built in the early twentieth century. 1701 Eutaw Pl., 410-669-3005
    • Pedestal Gardens: Set of four apartment buildings partly in Bolton Hill and Madison Park. Office at 325 McMechen St., 410-523-2341
    • Sutton Place: High-rise apartments at southern end of Bolton Hill with shops on ground floor. 1111 Park Ave., 410-728-8500



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