Apartments & Realtors

Bolton Hill contains a mixture of housing types, including multi-unit row homes, single-family row homes, senior apartments, and apartment buildings.


Renters and rental property owners. Renters are a valuable part of the Bolton Hill community. Whether they live here for a year or many years, renters help make Bolton Hill the dynamic neighborhood it is. Bolton Hill is one of few Baltimore neighborhoods where someone can rent an apartment at a younger age, purchase a home to raise a family, and live into later years. BHCA especially encourages renters to become involved in the life of the community. Anyone can sign up for a first year of BHCA membership and be added to BHCA’s Bolton Hill Email Network (BHEN), which includes notifications when new issues of the Bolton Hill Bulletin are published online.

Baltimore City’s Department of Housing & Community Development has produced a webpage with apartment owner and occupant responsibilities. It is the responsibility of rental property owners to inform their renters about trash and recycling pick-up dates in the neighborhood and to ensure that their property is kept in good order. Where disagreements between rental property owners and renters or neighbors arise, BHCA encourages communicating directly and respectfully to reach a resolution. If legal recourse for renters is a necessary last resort, Baltimore City has compiled a list of legal resources.

Rental property owners should take note of Baltimore City’s requirements for rental property registration and licensing. The State of Maryland’s Department of the Environment Lead Poisoning Prevention Program explains rental property owners’ requirements and renters’ rights regarding lead paint abatement in buildings built before 1978.

If you are a Bolton Hill rental property owner who’d like to connect with others in the neighborhood to share tips on property management, complying with City codes, and attracting stable renters, a BHCA group called Bolton Hill Property Owners Who Rent Apartments is just for you. Contact for more information.

Apartments in row houses. Apartments in row houses available for rent in Bolton Hill can be listed on the BHCA website. Prospective renters looking in Bolton Hill can see listings in one place, and proceeds from apartment posts support BHCA. See current listings of apartments in row houses or submit a listing below:

Apartments for Rent    Submit an Apartment Listing

Apartment buildings. Bolton Hill contains a number of apartment buildings, some with market-rate units, some with subsidized units, and some for seniors. Go to the apartment building website to learn about availability and rates:

    • The Beethoven: Apartments in historic building in center of Bolton Hill. 1518 Park Ave., 410-728-3781
    • Bolton North: Senior apartments in modern building at north end of Bolton Hill. 1600 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 410-462-5433
    • The Fitzgerald: Newer apartment building with Brass Tap and Noona’s restaurants on ground floor. 1201 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 844-318-5453
    • Jordan Flats: Newly built apartment building with Tilted Row restaurant on ground floor. 303 McMechen St., 410-862-1599
    • Linden Park Apartments: Completely renovated senior apartments in Bolton Hill. 301 McMechen St., 410-523-0013
    • The Marlborough: Senior apartments in the grand Marlborough building built in the early twentieth century. 1701 Eutaw Pl., 410-669-3005
    • Pedestal Gardens: Set of four apartment buildings partly in Bolton Hill and Madison Park. Office at 325 McMechen St., 410-523-2341
    • Sutton Place: High-rise apartments at southern end of Bolton Hill with shops on ground floor. 1111 Park Ave., 410-728-8500

Realtors. The realtors listed below in alphabetical order by last name are Bolton Hill residents and have been BHCA members or sponsors: