BHCA Committees, Groups, Events & Task Forces

Bolton Hill is stronger and everyone benefits when more people are involved in the life of the community.

BHCA is run entirely by volunteers and directly or indirectly supports a number of committees, groups, events, and task forces. Some require ongoing, regular participation, while others call for one-time, short-term activity. Some just need one or two people; others require a team of people. In some cases, attention to certain issues ebbs and flows.

Please contact the email addresses below if you are interested in more information or helping out in one or more of these areas of community life.



Committees are the operational core of BHCA. They ultimately report to the BHCA Board of Directors.

Executive Committee. The executive committee is composed of the BHCA Officers: president, first vice president, second vice president, secretary, treasurer, general counsel, and past president. It is given authority through the BHCA bylaws to act on behalf of the BHCA Board of Directors between meetings and must report its actions or recommendations to the Directors.

Membership Committee. This committee organizes activities such as the annual new neighbor party in January for people who moved to the neighborhood in the past year. New neighbors are identified through realtors, BHCA membership, and word-of-mouth. If you’re new to the neighborhood and have a question about Bolton Hill or about becoming involved in an area of community life, contact The membership committee also organizes the BHCA membership drive at parking permit pick-up in the spring and connect people to areas of interest, as indicated on their BHCA dues form. Contact

Nominating Committee. The nominating committee is charged with identifying candidate Bolton Hill residents or institutional representatives to serve on the BHCA Board or Directors. A new set of committee members compose the committee each year and includes three Directors and two non-Directors. Nominees are announced at the April board meeting to be voted on by the BHCA membership at the membership meeting in May. If you’re interested in serving on the nominating committee or on the Board of Directors, contact

Finance Committee. The BHCA treasurer chairs the finance committee to oversee BHCA funds and put together the BHCA budget for the upcoming fiscal year from May to April. Contact

Greening Committee. The greening committee coordinates the work of neighborhood volunteers who informally tend green spaces around Bolton Hill and the work that the Midtown Community Benefits District performs to maintain them. BHCA’s Greening Advisory Committee advises on budgeting designated funds for maintaining or improving public green spaces in Bolton Hill, and BHCA contributes to the Bolton Hill Garden Club’s greening grant program. Contact

Architectural Review Committee. Susan Van Buren is the chair of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), which is composed of local volunteers with special expertise in historic preservation. Since Bolton Hill is a Baltimore City Historic District and on the National Register of Historic Places, all exterior changes to its buildings must be approved by the Baltimore City Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP). ARC answers questions from residents, reviews their proposed exterior changes, and provides recommendations to CHAP. ARC meetings usually take place on the third Wednesday of each month from 7:30-9:00 p.m. at the MICA Gateway Building, Room 101. Meetings are open to the public. Contact

Traffic Committee. BHCA’s traffic committee works with residents around a traffic hotspot to come up with a viable traffic calming option before approaching the Baltimore Department of Transportation to try to implement it. Be advised that implementation is a slow process. If you have a specific neighborhood traffic concern or are interested in being involved in traffic issues on an ongoing basis, contact

Zoning Committee. This committee only meets when there’s a property owner courting BHCA for community approval of a zoning variance. Usually when a zoning variance is requested, the committee invites residents nearest to the property in question to committee meetings to deliberate on the proposal before making a recommendation to the BHCA Board of Directors. Contact



Groups are informal gatherings or activities that enhance the life of the Bolton Hill community in various ways. They attract people with particular interests over short or long stretches of time, so feel to reach out with any degree of interest.

Bolton Hill Bulletin. The Bolton Hill Bulletin contains community news and longer form content related to Bolton Hill. It is published monthly with the exception of July and August. Bill Hamilton is the editor-in-chief and additional volunteers submit content, load each issue onto the website, and keep its sponsorships updated. Contact The Bulletin with your comments or submissions here or at

Social Action Task Force (SATF). SATF is an informal group of neighbors who come together whenever anyone in the Bolton Hill community wants to raise money for a local non-profit, usually through a Party with a Purpose. Over the past few years, SATF has hosted a regular Party with a Purpose in February to celebrate Black History Month. SATF compiled a Volunteer and Giving Guide to highlight many community organizations and non-profits serving the 21217 Zip Code. Whether you want to give your time, money, or needed supplies, the Volunteer and Giving Guide is a good place to start. Contact

Safety and Security. While sometimes referred to as a committee, attention to safety and security matters depends on the interest of residents to be involved in enhancing the safety and security of the neighborhood. Jim Prost leads the group in such efforts as improving lighting and developing a network of residents’ private cameras for deterring crime and helping police solve cases. Contact

Older Residents Task Force. Also known as the Gray Panthers, task force of older residents has started gathering and calling itself the Bolton Hill Gray Panthers to look for ways to create community-based support and promote resources available to residents who are age 60+ and aiming to live a lot longer in their Bolton Hill residences. Contact

Bolton Hill Rental Property Owners. Do you own a home in Bolton Hill that includes apartments? Would you like to network with others to share tips on property management, complying with City codes, and attracting stable renters? A group called Bolton Hill Property Owners Who Rent Apartments provides mutual support and information with the aim of building relationships between property owners and renters and bolstering their involvement in the life of the Bolton Hill community. While most of the group comprises Bolton Hill resident owners, it is open to any owner of a property with rental units in Bolton Hill. Contact

Trees. Neighborhood volunteers maintain a list of street trees that have died or stumps in tree wells or other public locations that need to be ground out by the City and replanted. They organize volunteer tree plantings in the spring and fall and tree prunings in the winter in conjunction with the Midtown Community Benefits District, which obtains trees from the City’s tree nursery and provides the equipment to do the work. Contact



BHCA sponsors and organizes a couple large events every year to celebrate the life of the Bolton Hill community. Volunteers are needed to make them happen!

Crab Feast. BHCA sponsors a crab feast for Bolton Hill’s first responders and those who keep the neighborhood green and clean in August. Contact

Festival on the Hill. Festival on the Hill is Bolton Hill’s marquee block party with entertainment, food, drinks, and vendors in October. Contact


Task Forces

Task forces gather for a length of time to solve a specific issue in the neighborhood.

Sustainability. Bolton Hill, like any neighborhood, should continually assess its relationship with environmental sustainability. BHCA welcomes the involvement of anyone with ideas or an interest in projects to enhance environmental sustainability around Bolton Hill such as encouraging more use of public transportation or installing an electric vehicle charger in the neighborhood. Contact