Safety in the City

  • Report a Street Light Outage: Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE) maintains and repairs streetlights as one way of fulfilling its responsibility for public safety. Please complete the on-line questionnaire at to report all non-emergency repairs; BGE will respond within 24-48 hours. Weather permitting; BGE will diagnose the problem within 72 hours. Once the problem has been diagnosed, additional time may be necessary if parts are required.
  • If you are reporting an emergency situation please call 410-685-0123.
  • Tag Reports: The Baltimore City Police Department (BCPD) has a program for reporting motorists that are engaged in prostitution or drug activity. Note the license plate number, make and color of car, location, date, time, and what you observed. Report this information to the BCPD on a suspicious behavior report form (“Tag Report”), which you can download from the Safety Resources section of BCPD will send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle informing them that the activities observed appeared suspicious and are being monitored by the Police.
  • FOR STUDENTS: Maryland Institute Shuttle MICA provides shuttle service for students from 5 p.m.– 4 a.m. Call 410-225-2245 for shuttle info or walking escorts.
  • VOLUNTEER: Ride Segway Patrol BHCA is looking for some additional volunteers to ride Segways with the police officers during their patrols. You will be paired with a police officer and are asked to sign up for a 3-hour ride-along during their shift. Learning to ride the Segways is actually very easy and takes about 15 minutes. If you are interested, e-mail Joe Palumbo at or Jim Cappuccino at
  • Citizens on Patrol unites residents with local police and city services. Bolton Hill residents walk our neighbor- hood for one hour a week, noting crime, safety, grime, and community issues that need attention and resolution by the community, police, and/or the city. Police officers sometimes join in. Help your neighbors maintain a safe and vibrant community by joining one of our safety patrols. It is a proven method that works. Find a time to fit your schedule and join COP walkers now. For information or to volunteer contact Barbara Blumberg at 410 669-0175 or


Help Us Make Midtown Lighter, Brighter and Safer!You can be part of the Midtown Community Benefits District’s initiative to create a safer, more attractive neighborhood by having and using front and rear lights, and the Benefits District will help you do it.

  • Lighting In Front:
    • Light your vestibule from dusk to dawn: Installing a new low-energy bulb saves on your electric bill and makes this step easy.
    • Do you have an outside light at your front door? Be sure it is on at night. Add and activate a timer or low-cost “dusk to dawn” electric-eye switch to turn the light on and off automatically.
    • If you don’t have a front entry outside light, apply for a $100 grant for installing a new outdoor fixture approved by your Architectural Review Committee (ARC). Several models that are architecturally appropriate for our neighborhoods are available.
    • Solar powered fixtures are available which require no wiring and no penetration of your masonry. Earn a $100 grant from Midtown if you install and keep your light on at night. Apply quickly, funding is limited!
  • Lighting Out Back:
    • Motion detector rear-of-house lighting is available at local hardware and building supply stores. Baltimore City Police suggest motion detector lighting is helpful to them while discouraging criminals from entering your property. Two options are available:
    • Wired to your household electric service
    • Solar powered, no direct wiring required

Add lighting at the rear of your property facing an alley, and earn a $50 grant from Midtown.

  • Rear House Numbers: Baltimore City’s emergency services providers recommend that you clearly display your house number in the rear of your property facing your alley. The Midtown Community Benefits District will supply a reflective number panel for your rear gate, fence or garage door at no charge if you participate in any part of our WE WANT YOU LIT initiative.

Apply now. The grant application is on line at lit. Or, you can call 410-528-1512 for an application.

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