BHCA Meetings & Board of Directors

BHCA Meetings

BHCA monthly meetings take place on the first Tuesday of the month, with no meetings in July or August. They’re held at Memorial Episcopal Church at the corner of Bolton and Lafayette Streets in upper Farnham Hall through the red door on Lafayette. Meetings start at 8 p.m. but come as early as 7:30 p.m. to socialize with neighbors and partake in refreshments provided by volunteers. Check the BHCA calendar in case a meeting is virtual or rescheduled.

All are welcome to attend BHCA meetings. They are an opportunity for neighbors to gather; to learn about what’s happening around the neighborhood and greater Baltimore; to hear from public officials; and, for the Board of Directors, to vote on matters affecting the interests of the organization and the Bolton Hill community. BHCA also serves as the official liaison between Bolton Hill and elected officials, government agencies, and neighboring institutions and organizations.


BHCA Board of Directors

The BHCA Board of Directors consists of five officers and 30 directors elected by the BHCA membership at the annual membership meeting in May. The directors may include representatives of up to three institutional or corporate members of BHCA. The president appoints a past president and general counsel to the executive committee of the officers.


President Amy Sheridan
1st Vice-President Steve Howard  
2nd Vice-President Yulia Suslova  
Secretary Linda Stirling
Treasurer Chris Kingsley


Class of 2024

  • Chevel Bess
  • Kevin Cross
  • Andrew Dupuy
  • Barbara Francis
  • Stuart Galonoy
  • Doug Morency (MICA)
  • Florencia Gutierrez
  • JR Kellogg
  • Thecla Meyer
  • Jason Perrotti
  • Marcus Pratt
  • Jim Prost
  • Stephen Ruckman
  • Lisa Savage Phillips
  • Roberta Schilling
  • Bill Schmitz
  • David Scott
  • Sarah Scott
  • John Timson

Class of 2025

  • Gary Bianco
  • Luke Chen
  • Maurice Corbett
  • Margaret De Arcangelis
  • Elizabeth Peters
  • Ben Meiselman
  • Lee Tawney
  • Marci Yankelov


Serving on the BHCA Board of Directors

Members of the BHCA Board of Directors attend monthly board meetings and must be involved in the life of the Bolton Hill community. Directors serve an initial term of two years. After two years, directors are eligible for two additional terms of two years each, or six years total. After three terms, they are not eligible for re-election for one year. After an initial term of one year, officers are eligible for re-election for two succeeding one-year terms, or three years total for a particular position, with the exception of the secretary and treasurer, which do not have term limits.

BHCA strives for its board members to be representative of the neighborhood. Anyone who is a current dues-paying member of BHCA and resides, owns real property, or represents an institution in the neighborhood is eligible to be a member of the board. The BHCA nominating committee presents a slate of new directors and officers at the April monthly meeting, who are then elected at the annual membership meeting in May by majority vote of the BHCA members present. Board vacancies may be filled throughout the year. To nominate yourself or others for the nominating committee’s consideration to serve on the board or for more information, contact the current nominating committee chair at