BHCA Officers & Directors

BHCA Officers

The seven Officers of BHCA include President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Treasurer, General Counsel, Secretary, and Immediate Past President.

Current BHCA Officers

President David Nyweide
1st Vice-President Kendra Parlock  
2nd Vice-President Neal Friedlander  
Past President Linda Rittelmann  
Secretary Margaret De Arcangelis
Treasurer Barry Blumberg
Counsel Lisa Robinson  


BHCA Board of Directors

The BHCA Board consists of the Officers and thirty (30) Directors elected by the BHCA membership at the annual meeting in May. The Board of Directors may also include representatives of up to three corporate members of BHCA such as MICA or Mt. Royal Middle School.

Current BHCA Board

Class of 2021

  • Margaret Carruthers
  • Marjorie Forster
  • Bill Hamilton
  • Tom Hasler
  • Doug Kelso
  • Alexis Mogul
  • Lisa Scott
  • Amy Sheridan
  • Jessica Wyatt

Class of 2021

  • Melanie Alfano
  • Joanne Bennett
  • Robert Bunch
  • Kevin Cross
  • Avendui Lacovara
  • Thecla Meyer
  • Stephen Ruckman
  • Roberta Schilling
  • Yulia Suslova

Class of 2022

  • Ashley Chertkof
  • Susan Dumont
  • Steve Howard
  • John Kyle
  • Stephen Martin
  • Jim Prost
  • Lisa Savage Phillips
  • Paul Seaton
  • Linda Stirling
  • Beth Ely Torres


Serving on the BHCA Board

Directors serve an initial term of three years. After three years, Directors are eligible for an additional term of three years. After two terms, they are not eligible for re-election for one year. Officers are elected for a term of one year. Officers are eligible for re-election for only one succeeding term, with the exception of the Treasurer and General Counsel, which do not have term limits.

BHCA strives for its Board to be representative of the neighborhood. Anyone who is a current dues-paying member of BHCA and lives within the neighborhood is eligible to be a Board member. The BHCA Nominating Committee presents a slate of ten (10) new Directors and Officers at the April monthly meeting, who are then elected at the annual meeting in May by majority vote of the BHCA members present. Nominations from the floor are welcome. Board vacancies may be filled throughout the year. To recommend Bolton Hill residents for the Nominating Committee’s consideration to serve on the Board or for more information, contact the current Nominating Committee chair at

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