BHCA Policies

In representing Bolton Hill, BHCA Board Members may vote to express support or approval for plans, events, city council bills, development proposals, or other activities that affect the neighborhood. Development proposals must be reviewed by the BHCA zoning committee before being presented to Board Members.


BHCA does not endorse political campaigns or for-profit businesses. If another non-profit organization or group desires an endorsement by BHCA, board members must be thoroughly informed about what the endorsement entails before considering the request. See BHCA Standing Rule for Endorsement Requests.

Row house conversions

Bolton Hill contains a variety of housing stock, including single-family row homes, multi-family row houses, and apartment buildings. To maintain a neighborhood that can accommodate residents with different housing needs, BHCA does not support converting more single-family row homes to multi-family row houses with three or more dwelling units or adding dwelling units to existing multi-unit properties. See BHCA Resolution on Housing and Housing Stock.

Fiscal sponsorship

If members of the Bolton Hill community wish to raise money from individual contributions or grants for a project in the neighborhood that is consistent with BHCA’s mission, BHCA can hold the funds as a fiscal sponsor. See BHCA Fiscal Sponsor Policy.

Camera network

The Bolton Hill Camera Network (BHCN) is an initiative organized and operated under the authority of the Bolton Hill Community Association (BHCA) to enhance safety and security in Bolton Hill. The BHCN allows residents as well as neighborhood apartment buildings, businesses, and institutions to voluntarily share footage from their private security cameras facing outdoor spaces to help prevent, solve, and potentially prosecute crime that has occurred in Bolton Hill. Anyone can submit still or video camera footage in connection with a crime, which is shared with the Baltimore Police Department as long as it’s tied to a police report number. See Bolton Hill Camera Network Policy.

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