Blue Plaques



The Blue Plaques adorning homes around Bolton Hill honor former residents who have made significant contributions to Baltimore, Maryland, or the national or international community. A Blue Plaques committee is assembled every few years to research nominees for additional Blue Plaques. To find out if nominations are being accepted, email Blue Plaques currently displayed are as follows:


Address Name
119 Lanvale Archibald Coleman Rogers
1208 Eutaw William Sydney Thayer, MD
121 Mosher Reuben Kramer
121 Mosher Perna Krick
1210 Eutaw Woodrow Wilson
127 Lanvale Jesse Lazear, MD
1300 Eutaw Daniel Coit Gilman
1301 Madison William Stewart Halsted, MD
1307 Park F. Scott Fitzgerald
131 Lafayette Soterius “Buddy” Pappas
1310 Rutter Arthur Sherwood
1312 Bolton Gerald W. Johnson
1312 Bolton Isabel Spaulding Robers
1312 Bolton Laurence Page Roberts
1314 Park Alice Hamilton, MD
1314 Park Edith Hamilton
1316 Park William Edwards Stevenson
1320 Bolton Piero Ernesto Weiss, PhD
1325 Bolton Thomas Ward & Joyce Ward
1325 Park Florence Rena Sabin, MD
1404 Eutaw Sidney Lanier
1406 Eutaw Howard A. Kelly, MD
1417 Eutaw Florence Hochschild Austrian
1417 Eutaw Robert Austrian, MD
1419 Eutaw Captain Frederick William Hamilton Murrell
1426 Park Thomas Bourne Turner, MD
1436 John Gary Moore
1507 Park Christine Ladd Franklin, PhD
1514 Bolton Franklin P. Mall, MD
1534 Bolton Frances Morton Froehlicher
1534 Bolton Hans Froehlicher, Jr.
1604 Bolton Jacob J. Abel, MD
1606 Park Otto Frederick Kraushaar, PhD
1701 Eutaw Claribel Cone, MD & Etta Cone
1716 Bolton Mildred Duke Atkinson
1729 Park Jacob Epstein
1731 Park Thomas J. O’Neill
201 Lanvale Ernest Stebbins, MD
213 Lanvale Colonel Charles Marshall
221 Lafayette Curt Richter, PhD
221 Lafayette Gary Moore
225 Lanvale Hugh Lennox Bond
226 Lafayette Zora Neale Hurston
232 Lanvale P. William Henry Howell, MD