Quirks and Oddities during the COVID-19 Shutdown

It is hard to stay cheerful more than two months into the COVID-19 Maryland shutdown, especially if you are among the thousands who have lost love ones or employment or have had to shut down your business.  We have tried here to construct a glass-half-full version of related events.  Embrace it if you can.

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The Relaunch

I became the editor of the Bolton Hill Bulletin in January 2015 when we were still first-class mailing printed newsletters to subscribers in the neighborhood. That summer Jean Lee Cole and I hatched the idea of moving the Bulletin online and did so in January 2016.

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News in brief

No Boundaries Coalition awarded 2018 Peace Award

Pax Christi International, leader of the global Catholic peace movement, has named the No Boundaries Coalition the recipient of its 2018 Peace Award.

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