Bolton Hill girls just want to have fun

At the holiday party (L-R): Beth Ely Torres, Karen Tozzi, Nirina Razafindrazato, and Christy Fricks, at Leah Huete’s house.

Calling all Bolton Hill “girls” (but no men, please)!

BHCA board member Yulia Suslova has formed an informal Bolton Hill Girls Squad to help revive social life in the neighborhood stalled by these many months of COVID.

“I met a few people who were new to the neighborhood, women who were working at home mostly and had no way to easily meet neighbors, so we decided to do this – very carefully,” said Suslova, a public-school ESOL teacher who has lived in Bolton Hill for eight years.

“We started with happy hours and a clothing swap. We did mulled wine in a park before the weather got cold. And we had a dress-up holiday party.” Most events have been outdoors or at places like Brass Tap, Bolton Hill Swim and Tennis Club and Maple Leaf Park. The holiday party was at a member’s residence.

At its core is a Facebook page where the current 101 members consider whether to form a book club, how next to get together safely and what warm weather activities they might pursue later in the year. It’s open to girls and women of all ages who live or work in Bolton Hill. Members come from all walks of life: married, single, empty nesters, retirees, homeowners and renters, recent arrivals and long-time residents.

“We’re not trying to or to compete with any other group. We’re just looking for social opportunities,” Suslova said. Membership is free. Just go to Facebook, search for the squad’s page and sign up. Suslova and Marci Yankelov are the page administrators.