Bolton Hill Notes

‘Insta on the Hill’ is waiting for your contributions

As you may have heard, BHCA has expanded its social media presence to include Instagram. Why? The answer lies in the power of a photograph. An image can illustrate, inspire, unite and, in an instant, connect.

Instagram has evolved to include more text and motion but at its heart is a platform where photographs tell the story. In curating this page, that is exactly what I endeavor to do. Through showing and sharing the beauty, resilience, growth and diversity of our historic community, I hope to bridge gaps, nurture community pride, connect and unite us.

Our inaugural theme, “#iamboltonhill” highlights the beauty and diversity of our neighbors. Who are the people in your neighborhood? YOU are Bolton Hill. I want that to resonate. What better way to show who we are than by showing who we are (did you see what I did there)? Varying themes will certainly follow, while some imagery won’t necessarily be theme-related but will hopefully inspire and inform.

Please participate! Download the Instagram app, follow us at, love our offerings, tag us, engage! In a world where much is uncertain, human connection is fragile and times are challenging, the power of a picture can quickly remind you that there’s no place like home.

– Zhee Chatmon

Garden Club grants available for neighborhood residents

The Bolton Hill Garden Club announced that its 2022 greening and beautification grants program is accepting proposals through March 15. The grants are designed to create and improve publicly accessible green spaces to beautify the community.

Garden club grants fund the planting and maintenance of neighborhood parks, public green space, and tree wells. Priority projects focus on the planting of perennial flowers and native plants, shrubbery and trees, and related gardening materials. Hardscape or labor costs to enlarge or prepare gardening spaces, as in the case of tree wells, will be considered.

Bolton Hill residents are eligible to apply. Grants will be announced by May 1. More information, including the application and frequently asked questions, are at:

Midtown offering grants for park and garden improvements, too.

Midtown Community Benefits District is offering up to $250 in grants for each public park and garden in Bolton Hill until July 1, 2022. Uses may include, but are not limited to gardening supplies, plant material, capital purchases, signage or labor provided by Midtown or a qualified contractor. To obtain a Request form, contact Midtown at 410-578-1512 or

About The Bulletin. . . .

The Bulletin publishes monthly except in the summer and invites your feedback, suggestions and submissions. Send them to Laura McConnell is our designer. Marci Yankelov is business manager. Contributors for this issue, among others, are Zhee Chatmon, Lee Tawney, David Nyweide, Jim Prost, Yulia Suslova and Paula Jackson. I own the errors and omissions.

– Bill Hamilton