Arnold E. Sumpter: the park and the man 50 years later

Throughout the winter, spring and summer of the first COVID year, as Baltimoreans and the world hunkered down to avoid the virus, Bolton Hill residents were blessed to be able to exercise, take their children to play and unwind at the sprawling green space on Laurens Street known as Arnold E. Sumpter Park.

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It’s Pride Month. Historians and storytellers wanted

June is Pride Month in Maryland and nationally. It celebrates the 52 years that have passed since the Stonewall movement grew from New York to become a vital and successful national (and international) continuing campaign to protect and respect the rights of people attracted to members of their own sex.

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When you move into a stately 8,000+ square foot house that has suffered its share of injuries and indignities over 134 years, the key question is: where do we begin?

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