Organizations & Businesses


Supporting our local organizations and businesses makes our community stronger. Plus, since many of them are BHCA sponsors, they in turn are supporting the neighborhood through the website and Bulletin. Click on a name to go to their website.

Apartment Buildings
  • Linden Park Apartments: Completely renovated senior apartments in Bolton Hill. 301 McMechen St., 410-523-0013
  • The Marlborough: Senior apartments in the grand Marlborough building built in the early twentieth century. 1701 Eutaw Pl., 410-669-3005
  • Pedestal Gardens: Set of four apartment buildings partly in Bolton Hill and Madison Park. Office at 325 McMechen St., 410-523-2341
  • Bolton North: Senior apartments in modern building at north end of Bolton Hill. 1600 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 410-462-5433
  • Sutton Place: High-rise apartments at southern end of Bolton Hill with shops on ground floor. 1111 Park Ave., 410-728-8500
  • The Beethoven: Apartments in historic building in center of Bolton Hill. 1518 Park Ave., 410-728-3781
  • Jordan Flats: Newly built apartment building with Tilted Row restaurant on ground floor. 303 McMechen St., 410-862-1599
  • The Fitzgerald: Newer apartment building with Brass Tap and Noona’s restaurants on ground floor. 1201 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 844-318-5453
Arts & Culture
  • Bike lanes and common bike routes around Bolton Hill and Baltimore. The Jones Falls Trail in particular passes near Bolton Hill on its way south to the Inner Harbor and north to Mount Washington. 
  • Bolton Hill Swim and Tennis: Private, member-owned club covering three acres at south end of Bolton Hill. 1120 Park Avenue, 443-873-6912
  • Druid Hill Park:  largest park in Baltimore less than a mile north of Bolton Hill; features Maryland Zoo and Howard Peter Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens as well as athletic fields, basketball courts, Frisbee golf course, picnic pavilions, pool, and tennis courts. To reserve a field or pavilion, go here.
  • Druid Hill YMCA: Traditional Y services including exercise machines and a pool. 1609 Druid Hill Avenue, 410-728-1600
Religious Institutions
Restaurants & Stores
  • Belle Hardware: Our GREAT neighborhood hardware store. Open 7 days/week; 240 McMechen St., 410-728-4844
  • The Brass Tap: Craft beer bar also serving pub food, wines & spirits. 1205 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 888-901-BEER
  • CookHouse: Serving dinner; 1501 Bolton St.,
  • Eutaw Market: Corner store with wine, beer & liquor; 1701 Eutaw Pl. (enter on Wilson St.)
  • Mt. Royal Tavern: Drinking hub of Baltimore’s cultural corridor; 1204 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 410-669-6686
  • Noona’s: Pizza restaurant & bar; 1203 W. Mt. Royal Ave., 410-424-0857
  • On the Hill Café: Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner; 1431 John St., 410-225-9667
  • Park Avenue Pharmacy: Bolton Hill’s independent pharmacy; fine wine, beer & liquor; 1535 Park Ave., 410-225-0800
  • Park Café & Coffee Bar: Serving breakfast & lunch; 132 McMechen St., 410-225-9282
  • Py Nail Bar and Spa: Offering manicure, pedicure, waxing, and massage; Sutton Place, 1111 Park Ave., 410-617-8252
  • Save-a-Lot: Discount grocery store; 234 McMechen St., 410-462-4052
  • Tilted Row: Serving dinner & weekend brunch; 305 McMechen St., 443-552-1594
  • Walgreens: Formerly Rite Aid; 238 McMechen St., 410-523-4704
Linden Park


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