SATF: Social Action Task Force

Following the unrest in spring 2015, the Bolton Hill Community Association encouraged neighbors to form a group that would identify a few specific actions residents could take to benefit the 21217 community. This group became the Social Action Task Force (SATF.)

Deciding to support existing community groups, rather than developing their own agenda, the SATF works to encourage and facilitate personal engagement between the Bolton Hill neighborhood and the wider community.

The SATF organizes “Parties with a Purpose”, where residents can hear staff from local non-profits discuss their work, plans, and needs. Donations from party-goers are split between the non-profits involved for each event, providing them with direct financial support.

With great wine, beer, food and conversation, they’re always fun as well as purposeful. Annual events include the Black History Party with a Purpose, Community Tables at Boltonstock, the Stoop Party prior to the Boundary Block Party and fall’s Great Pumpkin Party.

Past events have supported many groups, including:


  • Brown Memorial Tutoring program
  • Fresh at the Avenue
  • Jubilee Arts
  • Kappa Guide Right Mentorship program
  • Kids Safe Zone
  • No Boundaries Coalition



  • Reading Partners
  • Samaritan Community
  • St. Francis Neighborhood Center
  • Thread
  • Whitelock Community Farm


By building awareness and support for organizations that make a difference in the 21217 area, the SATF hopes to create a more healthy, vibrant, just, and safe community for everyone.

All residents are invited to join and get involved. The SATF usually meets once a month on the first or second Sunday around 5 pm. To find out more, please email them at, and like them on Facebook. [LINK:]

The SATF’s Volunteer and Giving Guide has contact information for many local organizations they recommend.

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