BHCA Projects and Finance

BHCA sponsors a number events and projects within our neighborhood borders that are consistent with the community association’s mission. This provides neighbors with a way to designate and earmark donations for good works, and for BHCA to encourage residents to be generous.


New Projects

All BHCA-sponsored projects must first fill out Fiscal Agent Agreement. This document identifies the project’s sponsors and lists the obligations of BHCA and the sponsors to one another.

The current Fiscal Agent Agreement form is linked here and will be revised for Fiscal Year 2022.

BHCA-sponsored projects require a vote of approval from the board.


Check Requests

BHCA will issue checks to vendors and to reimburse neighbors for expenses that are approved by the board and/or by sponsors of the project that is making the payment.

Before filling out this check request form, be sure you have the following:

  • To issue a check from a BHCA project account (e.g., the Lanvale Memorial Fund) requires approval from two sponsors identfied on the Fiscal Agent Agreement form. Email approval is fine.
  • Payments to vendors require an invoice, and reimbursement checks require a copy of all receipts. These can be uploaded through the check request form.
  • Payments to independent contractors require that BHCA collect an IRS form W9 before issuing the check. You an upload the completed W9 through the check request form or the contractor can mail it to

Checks will generally be issued 2-3 days after BHCA receives the supporting documents. Payments of over $500 require a second signature and may take a bit longer.