BHCA salutes those who contributed to the Bolton Hill community


Several Bolton Hill residents work every year to beautify and improve our neighborhood.  Some of them work on a specific project or effort that merits special recognition, and at this year’s virtual BHCA membership meeting, they were recognized.  Thanks to all for such wonderful contributions to the Bolton Hill community!

Service Award  — Kendra Parlock

Kendra has served the better part of a decade on the BHCA board as a director or officer after rotating off at the conclusion of the past fiscal year.

Public Gardening Award  — Jonathan Coppola

Jonathan voluntarily planted and tended to a garden in the corner of Sumpter Park that fences off the bocce court.

Tireless Award — Kevin Cross and Lisa Scott

For more than a year, Kevin and Lisa have worked tirelessly with Baltimore DOT to temper the pass-thru traffic at the southeast corner of Bolton Hill; they scored a win with the flex posts at Mt. Royal and Lanvale, and the work continues to make the area safer for pedestrians.

Clean Up Award — Chris Kingsley, Regan Lake, Sam McHale, and Yulia Suslova

Chris, Regan, Sam, and Yulia have all been involved at various times the past year with organizing community trash pick-up events in and around the neighborhood.

This Just in Award — Bill Hamilton and Kylie Perrotti

Since the Bolton Hill Bulletin relaunched in February, Bill has been responsible as editor-in-chief for curating and editing the content of the Bulletin, and Kylie has posted the stories to the website and designed the snazzy announcements for each issue on the BHCA listserv.

Nominating Award — Melanie Alfano

Cheers to Melanie and the rest of the BHCA nominating committee for assembling an excellent new slate of nominees for open BHCA board positions, who were voted in at the membership meeting.

Bulldog Award — Neal Friedlander

In his second career working in the office of our councilman, Eric Costello, Neal has been tenacious in liaising with city agencies on behalf of Bolton Hill and the other neighborhoods of District 11.

Sprucing Up Award — Fritz and Thecla Meyer

Despite living four blocks away on Eutaw Place, Fritz and Thecla spent hours this spring weeding, planting, and generally sprucing up the 1400 block of Eutaw Place around the Gunther Fountain.

Membership Award — Margaret DeArcangelis, Kendra Parlock, and Linda Rittelmann

Margaret, Kendra, and Linda have each played a part in maintaining, organizing, and expanding the BHCA membership rolls.

Gateway Award — Chris Kingsley

Chris had the vision for turning the vacant lot at the corner of Park and North from an eyesore to a visually pleasing gateway space and has already weeded, planted, and mulched to improve the existing planter beds while grant money is sought to transform the space.

Money Money Money Award — Barry Blumberg and Gary Bianco

Barry and Gary both spent hours ensuring that every dollar supporting Festival on the Hill last year was transferred and accounted for between Bolton Hill Nursery and BHCA.

Festival Award — Steve and Monty Howard

Team Howard led in manifold, big ways to make sure that Festival on the Hill 2019 continued spectacularly with BHCA as the organizing entity for the event.

— David Nyweide