Crime Concerns

Many concerns were expressed at September’s MRIA meeting about recent criminal activity in the neighborhood. Councilman Eric Costello addressed concerns about communication between police and residents. In particular, many in the community wanted more information sooner in the days following the sexual assault in August.

Captain Howe apologized for the suboptimal police communication with residents. He also announced a citywide plan being developed to improve community outreach and communication. As part of this effort, they met with Barbara Klik, Jill Kingery and others from the MRIA Safety Committee to discuss improving communication, especially regarding major safety incidents.

The Bolton Hill Electronic Network (BHEN) will be used as a part of this communications plan. If someone witnesses or is involved in a crime or safety incident, they should report this directly to BHEN, which will work with police to alert the neighborhood about emerging problems.

If you see anything that looks or feels suspicious, call 911 (not 311). If you are dissatisfied with your response, Major Howe and Captain Jones encourage you to ask to speak with a supervisor.