Jill Schumann is getting to know Bolton Hill after 19 years

North Avenue Mission, a short walk east of Bolton Hill in Station North, calls itself a fellowship – of the unhoused and formerly unhoused; people who are food and housing insecure; those who use drugs or are in recovery; people of faith, no faith and different faiths; some with disabilities or mental illness; and a cadre of friends, neighbors and supporters.

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How the Mount Royal School Garden came into being

The idea for the garden grew out of fear that the Chesapeake Bay Trust would decline the Watershed Assistance Grant request for $75,000, from the school Parent Teacher Organization, for a major de-paving and greening of the Mount Royal Elementary/ Middle School yard on McMechen Street.

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It’s Pride Month. Historians and storytellers wanted

June is Pride Month in Maryland and nationally. It celebrates the 52 years that have passed since the Stonewall movement grew from New York to become a vital and successful national (and international) continuing campaign to protect and respect the rights of people attracted to members of their own sex.

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A salad perfect for summer

This white bean salad is spring–and summer–on a platter. It’s filled to the brim with dressed white beans, spinach, and walnuts and topped with pears and celery. The salad is finished with beautifully blanched asparagus for a perfect ode to spring!

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