It’s Pride Month. Historians and storytellers wanted

June is Pride Month in Maryland and nationally. It celebrates the 52 years that have passed since the Stonewall movement grew from New York to become a vital and successful national (and international) continuing campaign to protect and respect the rights of people attracted to members of their own sex.

Bolton Hill from the mid-20th century, or even before, has been home to open and closeted same-sex couples and gay individuals. They have played an important and consistent leadership role in preserving and advancing the community that is our neighborhood.

The Bulletin has suggested to several longtime members of that community that we would welcome a bit of history. What brought them to Bolton Hill? How were they or others treated in the early days? What contributions were important to them and to the city? Several have liked the idea, but none has come forward to write it.  It is a story in search of an author.  If that author might be you, send us a note: