ATTENTION ALL BHCA MEMBERS: hold this date — Feb. 6

BHCA board members brainstorming during January meeting

Bolton Hill Community Association will hold a first-time Open House – inviting all residents of the neighborhood to learn what BHCA does and give input – on Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 7 p.m. at Baltimore Unity Hall on Eutaw Place.

“We are hoping that every BHCA member will come and help BHCA set its priorities for 2024 and beyond,” said Amy Sheridan, the association’s president.  “We are particularly interested in expanding and refreshing the organization’s leadership going forward. This is not just a board or leadership meeting – it’s for everyone.”

Bolton Hill residents who are not members can join before or on arrival; first-year membership is free. BHCA sponsors who wish to do so may set up tables and provide information about their business or activities.

The open house is an opportunity to look back on the community’s successes in 2023, and also to establish what neighbors want to see and need going forward.  Last year was a high-water mark for BHCA since its 2018 name change, with 351 paid member households. 

Treasurer Chris Kingsley told the Jan. 9 BHCA board meeting that the organization began the calendar  year with $239,783 in assets, including $132,165 in restricted assets for specific purposes, such as greening and costs associated with the recent donation of six art pieces to be placed in neighborhood parks.

Sheridan told the board she does not intend to serve a third term as president and that she hoped to see new, younger leadership step forward. After the February meeting, the nominating committee will assemble a slate of nominees from those who have indicated a willingness to serve in leadership or on the board. There are 30 board positions and five officers. Members who may be interested in serving should send a message to

BHCA bylaws state that new officers and directors shall be elected at the annual meeting held in May. In April, the nominating committee presents a slate of nominees for officers and the new class of directors. Between those two meetings, alternative suggestions may be made to the nominating  committee for officers or directors by a petition of at least 10 members for each alternative nominee, which must be considered by the nominating committee. Nominations at an annual meeting may not be made from the floor.

At the January board meeting, board members brainstormed about ways to broaden the leadership and expand volunteer-led programs. Some of the ideas:

  • Broaden the executive committee (now the five officers) to include some or all committee chairs
  • Create a correspondence/communications committee
  • Create a board member handbook
  • Develop better use of technology
  • Emphasize younger membership and leaders
  • Engage MICA students in community activities, especially around arts and greening
  • Develop handouts for new tenants and encourage landlords to sponsor memberships
  • Create a city service committee to monitor and reach out to city agencies
  • Channel residents with strong interest into committees