National organ history convention to visit Bolton Hill churches in July

The Organ Historical Society will present its 2024 annual convention in Baltimore July 20-26, with programs and organ concerts around the city and in Bolton Hill.

Founded by aficionados of old pipe organs and their music in New York in 1956, OHA has grown to become an international society of musicians, organ builders, historians, scholars and music lovers. This is their first meeting in Baltimore in 25 years. Several of America’s early great crafters of pipe organs were based in Baltimore in the 19th century.

Bolton Hill resident David Storey, featured in the Washington Post for his maintenance of organs in the region, is the national convention chairman. He said the convention will visit and hear 25 different instruments during their week in the city. “The breadth of styles visited is truly amazing, with organs originating from 1817 to 2007, both mechanical and electric action. Attendees will have the opportunity to visit and sing in some of the largest, resounding rooms in Baltimore with some of the country’s best-known organists playing,” Storey said.

Convention attendees will visit and hear performances at Corpus Christi and Brown Memorial churches in the neighborhood on July 24. Performances in those and other facilities may be open to the public. For registration or further information go to