Sign on to Bring a Grocery Store to Madison Park North

Could we see a grocery store on North Avenue?

The Neighborhood Coalition for Madison Park North Redevelopment reports that Berg Demo is close to completing the demolition of the Madison Park North site. The school records building was the last piece to come down.

The developers are preparing initial plans for the east side of the development (totaling 50,000 square feet and approximately 200 housing units), which will be presented at their next meeting on September 25 at 7 pm. Meeting location TBA.

However, a grocery store has yet to give a firm commitment to the project. The developers have asked the community to send letters to grocery stores encouraging them to sign onto the property. Stores to contact include Whole Cities Foundation (part of Whole Foods), Trader Joe’s/Aldi, Fresh Grocer, and Lidl, a German company that has committed to building in Baltimore City. The grocery stores need to fit within a 25,000-30,000 square foot space (approximately the size of Eddie’s in Mt. Vernon).

The Coalition is going to write up a letter template for the community to send to grocery stores of interest. A petition is circulating in the area, which people can sign at the next Coalition meeting. They are also looking for community members to identify what they want to see in a grocery store. Contact the Coalition at with ideas or if you are interested in volunteering in this effort.