’Tis the Season for Thanks and Giving

May gratitude and generosity flow like a fountain; John Street (11/29/23)

As we celebrate the passing of the old, and the birth of new, take time to reflect on our good fortune in Bolton Hill. We live in a real community that provides a web of friendship and support to its residents. This is rare.

As I updated the BHCA Volunteer and Giving Guide, I was heartened by all the amazing work happening right in our own backyard. We hope that reading about these creative and engaging projects inspires all Bolton Hill neighbors to get involved. With everyone’s participation we can create the safe and healthy community we all desire, and in which everyone thrives.

Whether you resonate more with seniors, youth, or everyone in between, there are local community organizations that would welcome your participation. These chaotic times can make us feel hopeless, like nothing can be done. Volunteering provides the antidote. It energizes our spirit while we actively improve our own community. Plus, working together is the best way to break down the social barriers that separate us.

Of course, these times are also difficult financially for non-profits, with many still recovering from the hardships imposed by COVID. Please consider giving generously to as many organizations as possible. Money as well as in-kind donations are needed – see listings for details.

Our gratitude and generosity can melt hatred and heal the sordid history of injustice that has plagued our city. See BHCA’s Social Action Task Force Volunteer and Giving Guide here.

–Peter Van Buren