Waxter Center offers a high-quality gym for older Bolton Hill residents

Photo courtesy of The Baltimore Sun.

Walking Distance

The Waxter Senior Center has a gem of a gym waiting to be discovered at 1000 Cathedral Street in Mt. Vernon (410-396-1324). The facility was completely upgraded just six years ago and has been mostly closed during the pandemic. It remains not only in good condition but is greatly under-utilized. Any local resident 55 or over is eligible to use it.

In this “almost post-COVID” moment the gym is open Tuesdays thru Thursdays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Some of the equipment is awaiting servicing since it was dormant these past two years, but generally all of the 40+ resistance training machines are in good condition, clean and ready to go.

Only a few Bolton Hill neighbors avail themselves of this gym for what is now the princely sum of $15 a month. COVID precautions encourage social distancing and masks. Fancy gym attire is not a requirement in this casual and welcoming environment. Each person sets his/her own pace and can even spend time chatting with fellow gym rats around the water cooler.

Waxter is one of 13 City health department-run senior facilities across Baltimore. In addition to the gym, the center offers classes, exercise programs and inexpensive lunches. Lori Fagan is the manager for Waxter Center.

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