An Note of Thanks from Park Café and Coffee Bar

Editors’ Note: Near the end of January, police arrested the man they suspect committed robberies in the neighborhood at the Park Café, as well as other nearby businesses. Charged with armed robbery and assault, his preliminary hearing was held on February 23.

Our State’s Attorney liaison Ashe Smith will monitor this case and keep the community informed so we can participate. We received this update from Café owner David Hart. 

The Park Café would like to thank the Baltimore City Police Department for the apprehension of the suspect who is believed to have robbed not only the cafe, but other area businesses.

While the process took longer than any of us—neighbors and police—would have liked, this person is now off the street.

Additionally, on behalf of our staff, we are grateful for the outpouring of concern, the many good wishes, and the continued patronage by our neighbors in Reservoir Hill and Sandtown Winchester, as well as the Bolton Hill community.

As a result of our experience, the Café no longer accepts cash. We are working on a process for selling gift cards using money orders and will unveil this to our customers shortly.

With gratitude, David Hart and Joseph Costa