BHCA Creates Task Force to Monitor BGE’s Big Dig

A Bolton Hill task force has been formed to address the incoming project BGE has labelled “Operation Pipeline.” 

The task force was conceived when it was learned BGE’s plans would create substantial damage to John Street Park. This damage would have included removal of the fountain, numerous trees, and excavation of the patio and flower beds. A resident caught these plans and partnered with BGE to save the park.

Further investigation was performed on the impacts Operation Pipeline has had on neighborhoods where it has already rolled out. These investigations included basic online searching and conversations with residents of these other neighborhoods, including Butchers Hill and Rosemont.  

Residents described the projects most disruptive qualities as:

    • Parking blocked for weeks due to construction and long-term stationing of large construction equipment
    • Random and unpredictable road closures, with little warning
    • Poor patch jobs on roads (creating the “white water driving” effect)
    • Poor placement of steel plates, which make banging sounds as cars drive over them throughout the night
    • Damage to homes from meter installation
    • Noise persisting throughout the project

On the bright side, residents only rated the disruptions an average of 6 out of 10 (10 being the most disruptive).  Those who have already dealt with the project advise us strongly to ensure our residents arrange and keep appointments for meter installation. Their experience was drawn out significantly from residents’ failure to do so.

Operation Pipeline has been in many of Councilman Eric Costello’s neighborhoods, and as such he has experience addressing the community concerns it creates.  The BHCA task force hopes to prevent problems before they occur and to quickly resolve those which cannot be prevented.

A BGE spokeswoman said Operation Pipeline “pertains to upgrading the natural gas lines in your neighborhood, including many other neighborhoods that have pipes over 75 years old.  This is part of BGE’s initiative to modernize gas equipment throughout our service area to ensure we are able to continue delivering natural gas to you safely and reliably.  The Bolton Hill project will be done by BGE contractors NPL, who will be installing a new service line from the gas main in the street to the gas meter.  The project will be anticipated to start late summer.  We will keep BHCA updated on any changes including the neighborhood once we are close to starting. With that being said, we will try to minimize any disturbances to the neighborhood as much as possible.”  More from BGE here.

To join the task force, contact the author at

(Eric Biagioli)