Alas!  Boltonstock Falls Victim to COVID-19

You probably won’t be shocked to learn that Boltonstock, the annual neighborhood park concert that is one of Bolton Hill’s most awaited social happenings, has been postponed for now because of the pandemic shutdown.  Originally scheduled for June 6, it will (hopefully!) be rescheduled once the rules for social distancing are eased and can take place safely.  Stand by!

Have You Paid Your BHCA Dues?

Most good things in life, contrary to the song, are NOT free, and that includes a modestly priced membership in the Bolton Hill Community Association.  Two things to do today:

  • Scratch your head and determine if you are paid up for 2020.  Many members usually pay when they pick up residential parking stickers, but this year’s sticker distribution was cancelled because of the virus.  As a result, dues payments are far behind anticipated revenue in the new budget.  If you have not paid, please go to the elegant new BHCA website and take the appropriate steps.
  • Share this newsletter with a neighbor or friend and invite them to join BHCA, as well.  Or sign them up and pay their dues as a gesture of COVID-19 neighborhood solidarity.

And if you are feeling flush, you are invited to make an additional, tax-deductible donation to the association.

To Meet, or Not to Meet

The annual BHCA all-membership meeting usually held in May was not – for obvious reasons.  Instead the board held a Zoom meeting and considered what to do – whether, depending on the status of the COVID-19 shutdown, to hold it outside, hold it in a virtual setting or defer it further.  Once the executive committee decides, it will be announced over the BHCA listserv and posted on the website and BHCA Facebook page.

Bolton Hill Poster Contest Extended to June 10th–and Now Adults Can Participate!

Thank you for those of you have already submitted your posters for the BHCA poster contest! We are extending the contest until June 10th for all age groups and adding a category for adults.

Upon the request from the BHCA board members, the Bolton Hill Poster Contest has been extended to the adults that reside in the area and would like to share their love for our extraordinary neighborhood. This contest is the brainchild of the BHCA COVID-19 Task Force organized by Margaret Carruthers.

If you are over–or under–15 years of age, please share your love for Bolton Hill in the form of a poster that explains why you like to live here. Despite the current events, we can continue to enjoy our beautiful neighborhood, its architecture, the green places and inclusiveness of all and everyone.

What is that YOU like about Bolton Hill? Is it the friendliness of you neighbors? Or maybe it is one of the churches or cafes/restaurants in the neighborhood? Numerous parks, fountains, and flowers blooming in flower beds tended and taken care by neighbors? Or do you like one of the numerous events that take place in Bolton Hill all year around?

Make a poster that shows how much you CARE about Bolton Hill: use your imagination and your creativity and express you affection to this place in the city that we call home. Let’s adorn our brownstones with pictures, collages, posters etc. The sky is the limit!

Two winners in the adult category will receive a $25 gift card each from the Park Cafe or On the Hill Cafe–winner’s choice. The deadline for entries is June 10th. Winners will be announced on June 15th.

The submissions will be judged both on their artistic merit and their originality. A panel of judges led by Task Force member Yulia Suslova will tour the neighborhood to judge the posters – socially distanced, of course. Enter the contest by taking a photo of your poster and emailing it along with your name and address (plus, age for young people from 0 to 15) to Yulia here.

Don’t Forget to Vote, Again

The deferred Democratic and Republic primaries scheduled for April 28 are being held by mail ballot, with an official date of June 2.  If you think you are registered and have not received your ballot when you read this, you should take action.  They were mailed out on May 9.  If your mailing address has changed or your registration has lapsed, there still is time to fix it.  Click here to see if you are registered and/or call 410 269-2840 to get a ballot sent electronically.  Do not forget to sign and date the oath on your mail-ballot envelope and mail it before June 2.  Same-day voter registration and voting will be available that day but only in a limited number of sites, none in Bolton Hill.  On the ballot, besides the presidential nominees, are the candidates for mayor, council president, city controller and the council seat for district 11, which includes Bolton Hill.  If you don’t vote, it’s all your fault.

There’s a Role for You at the Bolton Hill Bulletin

This issue, like those before it. was planned, written and designed by a core team of four volunteers –  Bill Hamilton, Kylie Perrotti, Attticus Rice and Marci Yankelov.  We were pleased to have several contributors this issue.  Because The Bulletin belongs to the community, it works best when the community engages with it.  Please send us feedback, ideas and submissions of articles that your neighbors would want to read.  Contact: