Bolton Hill Looking Unkempt

Streetscape 2By Sarah Lord

Gracious, here ’tis: summer in earnest.

With our tree pits, sidewalks and curbs looking this unkempt, we know we’re not going to be Hollywood’s stand-in for Georgetown.

When you have a moment, step out with your trowels, clippers, even Roundup if you must. Our Bolton Hill streetscape needs spiffing up!

TIP: The best time to pull weeds is after a rian when the ground is moist. The roots pull out much easier than when the soil is dry and baked to a brick-like consistency.

And while you’re at it, any time you take timbers or bricks out from around our tree wells and lower the soil level to just below the sidewalk, you are helping the Bay. Without barriers, more stormwater can enter the tree pits, where thirsty roots can suck up more water. This reduces the amount of (not so clean) city runoff washing into the Bay.

Please support tree planting on our sidewalks citywide! And get rid of unsightly messes like these: