#iamboltonhill. BHCA will open Instagram account, encourage neighbors’ photos

BHCA’s board has adopted a comprehensive communications policy to govern how the organization manages its outreach to the neighborhood through the BHCA website, the Bulletin newsletter, Bolton Hill Email Network (BHEN), the BHCA Calendar and the BHCA Facebook page. Starting soon, the organization also will have its own Instagram account with its first hashtag, #iamboltonhill. BHCA board member and photographer Zhee Chatmon is overseeing creation of the Instagram posts.

The compiled policies mostly adopt existing practices. These limit commercial or political use of the sites, require monitoring of the Facebook pages, encourage constructive dialogue and not the harangues that often plague social media and try to limit participation to those who live or work in or near Bolton Hill or have another appropriate connection, such as a property or business owner, teacher, elected official or governmental agency.

Content related to each communications channel must be administered by members of the Bolton Hill community who are current BHCA members, live in the neighborhood and have served or currently serve on the BHCA board of directors. The BHCA president, in consultation with the BHCA executive committee and current administrators, will appoint those administrators.

– Bill Hamilton