In Brief

Update on b Bistro

Qayum and Pat Karzai told the Bulletin that contrary to rumors, they have never intended to close b permanently. Rather, it has closed temporarily to allow them to make some needed changes – a few repairs, installing new equipment, and developing a new food concept. 

Most importantly, they are recruiting new staff for both the kitchen and the front of the house to lead the reopening. They hope to create a revitalized spot that will be well received by the neighborhood.

Learn About the Francis Scott Key Monument

Much has been written about the vandalism of this landmark neighborhood monument on Eutaw Place. However, we encourage you to read Baltimore Heritage staff member Eli Pousson’s article with background on the monument’s history to gain a fuller perspective.

And, a neighbor who lives on Eutaw Place near the monument commented,

“I was sadden by the damage. And, I wish the persons expressing their feelings in this manner, could have engaged in dialogue about their feelings, and expressed their point or points about this historical figure in a less destructive manner.

Maybe they don’t know how, or feel they don’t have a seat at a discussion table or forum to express what they feel. I look forward to an opportunity to talk about a way forward.”

Book Donations for Festival on the Hill

Kristine Smets is looking for donations of gently used books and jigsaw puzzles for this year’s Festival on the Hill Book Table.  Contact her at for more information.  Donations will be accepted until Wednesday, October 11.

WANTED: Halloween Costumes

In preparation for the Great Pumpkin Party on October 28, the Social Action task force is looking for gently used Halloween costumes and old sheets or clothes that can be used to make costumes.

While you’re rounding those up, also see if you have any pumpkin-decorating supplies, like stickers, markers, pipe cleaners, and glue (no knives or cutting will be involved) or reusable Halloween decorations.

If you’d like to help out, please drop off your supplies at 1500 Bolton Street (at the corner with Mosher St.). During business hours Monday-Friday, you can deliver donations to CPA Joe Palumbo’s office. Evenings and weekends, bring to Peter & Susan Van Buren’s side door on Mosher Street, but call first to make sure they are home, 410-383-7820.

MRIA Website Redesign Underway

Under the leadership of MRIA President Linda Rittlemann, work has begun on the long-awaited redesign of MRIA’s website. Neighbor James Seeman has taken on the heavy lifting for the design and setup of the WordPress site, with assistance from tech adviser Brian Causey and Board Members David Nyweide and Peter Van Buren. 

The site will complement and integrate with the existing Bolton Hill Bulletin site. If you are interested in working on this project and being part of the communications team, please contact Linda at

The quality of a site’s images make it either appealing or ho-hum. The design team wants to feature shots of the neighborhood at its best in all seasons. If you have high-resolution photos that showcase Bolton Hill, please send email them as JPG files to

Look for the new site to launch in January 2018.You can visit the current website here.

Memorial Player's A Christmas CarolFall Drama: A Christmas Carol

Mark your calendar now for Memorial Players’ production of A Christmas Carol. Show dates are December 1–3 and 9–11 at Memorial Episcopal Church. Friday and Saturday performances are at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday performances are at 3:30 p.m.

For more information, visit their website or email

Councilman Costello’s Response About Oil Trains

In response to Andrew Hinz’s article in September’s Bulletin about the potential dangers of Oil Trains and the City Council amendment designed to reduce their threat, Councilman Eric Costello wrote this response:

“I have not had the time to fully review everything related to the train issue. I have had a preliminary conversation with Councilman Ed Reisinger, who confirmed he is co-sponsoring, but have not yet spoken with Councilman Mary Pat Clarke. I assure you that I will do my due diligence on this as soon as I have a chance.

At this time I am fully focused on a significant piece of legislation which I have been working on since December 2016 and that I am introducing at the next Council Meeting on September 11. It is critically important that I not only get this introduced, but that it is written perfectly so as to not require amendments. Each of the four pieces of policy related legislation that I have done since joining the Council to date have passed unanimously, and I certainly intend to keep it that way moving forward.”