Baltimore’s old-growth forest land needs your support

At long last, a vital physical asset to our health and well-being in this city is proposed for protection and conservation. City council member Kristerfer Burnett is readying legislation that would save from destruction or bulldozing for public or private development 842 acres of old-growth forest in Gwynns Falls/Leakin Park, one of the largest urban forests in our region. That’s most of the 1,000+ acreage that comprises Baltimore’s largest park.

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Neighbors: Getting to know Beth Torres

She plays French horn with two orchestras and sings in a choir. Goes to many Orioles home games as a season ticket holder (and rooted wildly for the losing Phillies at the World Series). Volunteers with Baltimore Community Foods. Works with a French bulldog rescue group and has several dogs and cats at home. Active in Bolton Hill stuff.

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