Bolton Hill’s Samaritan Community helps vulnerable households

Program Director Sharon Krieger peeks out of Samaritan Community’s door at Memorial Church.

Samaritan Community is a proud member of the Bolton Hill community. Located in the basement of Memorial Episcopal Church, we are an independent 501c(3) human services non-profit. Our mission is to aid individuals and families who are in crisis and want to improve their lives. We combine practical services – food pantry, clothing distribution, case management, emergency financial assistance, individual empowerment counseling, and group activities with strong emotional support and sense of community.

There are no requirements to receive services at Samaritan Community. Some people come for quick help during a temporary setback, while others need help to rebuild their lives. When this happens, we know the road to greater stability isn’t a sprint. It’s a marathon. We stay with our members, like David, through successes and stumbles, for however long it takes.

David (a real person) first found Samaritan Community 12 years ago on the day that he, his wife, and two small children became homeless. Our program director, Sharon Krieger, found David and his family a safe and affordable home that very same day, and we immediately helped with rental assistance.

That first year, David struggled to earn enough to pay the bills. In addition to helping with rent, we also paid for David’s 12-month HVAC course and other training. Since earning his certifications, David is doing well. He and his family are still in the same home they moved into that day a dozen years ago. He is an assistant supervisor for a major residential apartment company. As a result, his entire family is thriving. David and Sharon are still in touch, and he sometimes volunteers at Samaritan.

“I am eternally grateful to Sharon and Samaritan Community. If it were not for them, I would not be here today. That is a fact,” David said.

“David is such a wonderful man who has overcome many challenges since I’ve known him. He has met each one of these challenges with the determination to make life better for his family,” says Sharon. “He is a loving husband and father, and we are thrilled to have played a part in his success. It is a joy to hear from David on a regular basis. He will always be a member of our community and we are all very proud of everything he has accomplished.”

For more information about Samaritan Community and how we work with people like David, visit our website or our Facebook page.

– Peter Dunn, director of community relations at Samaritan Community