Memorial Players’ “Romulus,” Nov. 11–20

The Memorial Players fall production, the political satire Romulus, by Gore Vidal, begins its run on Friday, Nov. 11, playing Friday and Saturday nights at 7:30 pm and Sunday matinees at 3:30 pm through Sunday, Nov. 20.

As always, Romulus is admission-free, though good-will donations are always welcome. Performances take place at Memorial Church at the corner of Lafayette and Bolton streets.

To support the show and make a fine night of it, consider attending a pre-show receptions ($40/person). Before each performance, neighbors host receptions in their homes. Guests will enjoy a variety of refreshments and receive a VIP card that guarantees them a reserved seat in the front rows of the theater.

The play is set in 467 A.D. Emperor Romulus seems content do to nothing while Rome comes under siege. Meanwhile, his wife and courtiers scramble and conspire to find a way to save Rome—and their own necks.

A treatise on historical morality, which is at times absurd, sad and hysterical, Romulus casts a critical eye on the legitimacy of an empire whose noble roots have been corrupted by endless bloodshed and the abuse of power. Can money save the day? Or will the barbarians at the gates be the saving grace of civilization?

The play is directed by Rina Steinhauer and produced by Kristine Smets, with set design by John Seeley, costumes by Christine Calderon, and poster by Lynne Mennefee.

Find more information at the Memorial Players website and on the Memorial Players Facebook page.