Our Neighborhood Postman Angus Smith

Mr. Angus Smith, Postman
Angus Smith

By Peter Van Buren
I always enjoy seeing our mailman, Angus Smith. With his ready smile, he seems genuinely happy making his rounds, whatever the weather.
Recently, he told me he started working for the postal service in 1968, “indoors” at first, before going “outdoors” in 1988. He’s been working the Bolton Hill route for a long time.
A Baltimore native, Mr. Smith grew up in the Oliver neighborhood of East Baltimore, around Broadway and North. He started his first real job while in school at City College working in a pawn shop, and then continued on for a while after he graduated.
Fairly soon, the family business called him, and he started working for the U.S. Postal Service. He’s been doing it ever since. But this year will probably be his last, as he plans to retire in December after 50 years of service.
“I still enjoy it, even though I have a few miles on me,” Mr. Smith admitted. As for his opinion of the neighborhood? “It’s friendly – for the most part.”
So when you see Mr. Smith on the street, please say “Hi” and “Thanks,” and help convince him that we really are friendly more of the time.
And Mr. Postman, may you always walk between the rain drops, and may all the dogs wag tails instead of bark.