Neighborhood Safety Updates

November’s MRIA meeting, with the help of Councilman Eric Costello, generated a number of ideas about improving safety in our neighborhood.

  1. See something, say something. Report suspicious activity to 911. Police Captain Jones said that our neighborhood has a noticeably low number of 911 calls. When calling, give as specific a description as possible about the location, the activity and the people involved. Simply ask that an officer respond to this suspicious activity. You will not be required to speak personally with the officer if you call to report suspicious activity.
  2. Join our walking patrols Monday and Thursday evenings at 8 pm. These patrols can expand to more evenings if enough people volunteer.
  3. If you have a video camera on the outside of your home, register it with the Baltimore CitiWatch Partnership. Video footage from your camera can help prosecute crime.
  4. Sign up for the Bolton Hill Electronic Network to stay informed. Simply send an email to BHEN to subscribe.
  5. Get involved. Residents cannot rely on arrests alone to feel safer. Jill Kingery and Barbara Klik of the Safety Committee are organizing Block Captains. Sally Maulsby is undertaking a lighting survey of the neighborhood. An MRIA subcommittee on youth is focusing on long-term interventions to deter crime.

Contact MRIA if you would like to be a part of the solution!