The Bulletin Is Moving Online

We’re going electronic in 2016.

Beginning early next year, the Bolton Hill Bulletin will be delivered to all MRIA members as an e-newsletter, rather than as a PDF attached to an email. The e-newsletter will provide excerpt/summaries of each article in that month’s issue; readers can then click on stories of interest to read the full articles at our new site,

This new system will allow us to publish more articles and in-depth coverage on our neighborhood. The e-newsletter and website will be in color and include photos, graphics and maps—and will link to additional information and resources. The online Bolton Hill Bulletin will also be archived online and searchable, so that you can find that story you read last summer. By moving online, we’ll be able to more effectively publicize all the good things about Bolton Hill, both within and outside our neighborhood. Unfortunately, we will not be able to continue to produce a printed version of the Bulletin. We realize that this may be a burden for some of our members who are not able to access the Internet and are trying to determine ways to assist in this transition. If you will not be able to access the new online version of the Bulletin, please contact Barbara White at 410-669-2856.