Notes from a seasoned cook

The Weekly Meal Plan Cookbook,” by Kylie Perrotti

My early cooking life began more than half a century ago in a very large family, and few things I learned there applied when I left my parent’s home for my own life. I had to relearn kitchen tricks I thought I knew. As I have gone through Kylie’s book, I know her way of putting together a week would have provided me with useful shopping lists and recipe lessons, as well as an introduction to flavors outside my own experience. I recently acquired the book, and don’t have enough history cooking with it to consider this a review. I merely offer my own notes from a long cooking life. I find within this book’s covers new ingredients and combinations, many of which I am enthusiastic to incorporate into my own weekly dinner plans.

I also want to note the quality of the photographs. I can look at the picture of the dish, and understand the doneness of the meats, the texture of the vegetables, the thickness of the serving liquid, the amount of sprinkled garnish. I know the size of the serving and the way to plate it. Sometimes, a picture truly is worth a thousand words.

If I were a cooking novice, I would find this book a kind teacher that introduced me to a wide variety of mealtime options. As a seasoned cook I still find inspiration in something I have not prepared, or a dish that reminds me to cook something I have not prepped for a while. We all develop kitchen plans and habits, and a good refresher is always a good idea.

 – Paula Jackson