Police step up patrols after neighborhood car incidents

Police stationed at Wilson and Park

A rash of carjackings across the city and disproportionately in Bolton Hill has caused city police to step up security in the neighborhood.

According to BHCA Safety Committee Chair Jim Prost, there were six incidents in Bolton Hill between Feb. 14 and 22 – three armed carjackings and three additional attempted carjackings. In addition, there were two similar incidents in nearby Madison Park during the same period.

There were 73 carjackings citywide during the months of January and February, according to BPD data. The perpetrators in some of the incidents in Bolton Hill were said to be two or three young men, armed with a black handgun with a green laser, seen in a four-door Accord or a silver Acura.

BPD Officer Dennis Gillespie told the March BHCA meeting at Memorial Episcopal Church that a police detail has been assigned to Bolton Hill during evening hours for the near term, with a second police vehicle roving nearby as well.

Prost reported that in 2022, there were no such incidents in Bolton Hill during January or the rest of February, nor were any reported in the first half of March. During 2022 there were 22 reported carjackings in the area compared to only three in 2021 and eight in 2020.

With weather improving, neighbors are encouraged to be part of a weekly Citizens on Patrol walk around the neighborhood. For further information contact Jim Prost.