Samaritan Community Welcomes New Co-Program Director

After more than 20 years as a successful attorney, Linda Boyd, Samaritan Community’s new Co-Program Director, felt she wanted to do something else in her life.

Linda knew what that “something else” was. She had volunteered at many local organizations over the years, including Samaritan Community, and knew that she simply wanted to help people. That desire led her to be ordained as a deacon in the Episcopal Church.

When she first started volunteering at Samaritan as part of her social ministry training, Linda worked directly with Samaritan Community members. And she was immediately excited about what she experienced. 

“I had never been part of such a dynamic group before,” she said. “Members are well served in a dignified, respectful manner. The feeling is more like a team effort of all those involved, rather than one group of people being served by another.”

Linda started in her new position this past fall. She is involved in all aspects of Samaritan’s work. She works closely with programming staff to facilitate individual and group empowerment counseling, crisis intervention, and case management. She also creates educational and inspirational activities for support groups and helps oversee a team of more than 45 volunteers.

“She knows us, understands who we are, and has the right knowledge and experience for the job. And with her kindness, patience, and deep desire to help others, this is a really great fit for us,” says Sharon Krieger, Program Director at Samaritan Community.

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