Three residents lead survey of neighborhood parks

Eutaw Place media park near Laurens Street.

Beginning in July, Neal Friedlander, Doug Kelso and Lee Tawney undertook a census of the neighborhood parks and gardens and are doing an update to the city survey of tree wells, the spaces alongside sidewalks where trees exist.

There are 24 parks (including the 8 separate parks that make up the median  on Eutaw Place), 8 gardens and over 1,000 tree wells located in Bolton Hill, contributing to the quality of life in the neighborhood.

There are 28 volunteer stewards for the parks and gardens, although some places do not have stewards. Approximately 3,730 hours of volunteer time is contributed annually as well as a significant amount of personal funds for these parks and gardens. This is in addition to grants received from BHCA, foundations and corporations.

Neal, Doug and Lee have been meeting with the City Department of Recreation and Parks to determine a base line of services to the parks. They are planning to do the same with the Department of Transportation. The information is being collected in order to approach  foundations and corporations to support our Bolton Hill Green Spaces. In addition, they have been meeting with the Madison Park Association to work together on Eutaw Place, Lena K. Lee Park at Madison and Presstman streets and 1420 Eutaw Park.

In the meantime, Belle Hardware is offering a 6 percent discount to neighborhood Park and Garden Stewards and BHCA is working with Midtown Benefits District to organize a plant buying program.  Other organizations supporting the parks and gardens include:  Atrium Association; Baltimore Environment Equity Partnership; Bolton Hill Community Association; Brown Memorial Church; Corpus Christi Church; Bolton Hill Garden Club; Bolton Hill Swim and Tennis Club; Eutaw Pace Improvement; Home Depot; John Street Park Association; Maryland Institute College of Art; Memorial Episcopal Church; Midtown Community Benefits District; Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School; National Fish and Wildlife Foundation; and Rutter’s Mill Park Association.