BHCA annual meeting to elect leaders set for May 2

BHCA’s annual membership meeting – open to members and neighborhood residents – will be held Tuesday, May 2 at 8 p.m. at Baltimore Unity Hall. The catered food and beverage event will include a single item of official business – the election of new BHCA leadership and a board of directors to govern the organization for the 2024 fiscal year that begins in May.

Paid-up members vote on the new officers and board members. A nominating committee designated by the current leadership has proposed the following slate of officers:

Amy Sheridan, president; Steve Howard, first vice president; Yulia Suslova, second vice president; Chris Kingsley, treasurer and Linda Stirling, secretary. All are carryovers except for Stirling.

Board nominees for new two-year terms include Gary Bianco, Luke Chen*, Zhee Chatmon, Maurice Corbett, Margaret De Arcangelis*, Tom Hasler, Ben Meiselman*, Elizabeth Peters, Lee Tawney* and Marci Yankelov. Chevel Bess* will fill a vacancy. Those with asterisks are new and their bios are here.