A Duty to Serve: Samaritan Community's Jim Larsen

Jim Volunteer
Jim Larsen, Samaritan Community volunteer

As an active member of the U.S. Coast Guard for more than 20 years, Samaritan Community volunteer Jim Larson has built a career on helping others. Whether it’s teaching law enforcement, directing port operations, or serving as a project manager, his work and leadership have always helped the Coast Guard help others. This commitment brought Jim to Samaritan Community as a weekly volunteer. He picks up and delivers the fresh produce, breads, and groceries provided to the Samaritan food pantry by Whole Foods, Mt. Washington.

“Having moved around several times during my Coast Guard career, I have always felt the duty to help out in our adopted communities,” says Jim, who came to Samaritan Community through the Jewish Volunteer Connection.

Jim is in good company. He is one of 45 other dedicated Samaritan Community volunteers who give their time and talents to help the 1,100 individuals and families the Bolton Hill nonprofit serves annually. And despite the large number of people his efforts help, his reason for volunteering is very personal. “Another reason I enjoy helping out at Samaritan Community is that I think it’s important that my kids see me helping our community. I hope that I can positively influence their sense of duty through my actions,” he says.

Whatever their reasons, Samaritan Community is deeply grateful to Jim and all of its volunteers for their work to support the organization and the community. More help is always needed, so If you would like to be involved, visit their website here or call 410-669-1229.