Be Alert, Call 911, Get Involved

Recently, there have been incidents in the neighborhood involving groups of boys, young teenagers 11 to 15, causing trouble. Traveling in a pack, watching, and shouting to each other across the street, emboldens them to act with impunity. In one incident at the Mosher Street dog run, boys threw a rock at a neighbor and his dog, and then threw another rock that took out the rear window of a parked car. Feeling no serious crime was committed, the neighbor called 311.

Due to the rash of such incidents lately, including assaults and armed robberies as well as property damage, such incidents should be elevated to 911 calls. Documenting these situations with descriptions, including cell phone photos or videos, will be a big help. Please obtain a police report number with the date, time, and location of the incident and send it to Jill Kingery of the MRIA Safety Committee at or 443- 621-4300.

Even better, be proactive by getting involved with our neighborhood schools—Mt Royal, Eutaw-Marshburn, and especially Booker T. Washington. Spare a few hours each week to volunteer in a classroom or the cafeteria at any of these schools. Just walk in to the office and offer to volunteer. Neighbors who have volunteered know it’s worth it when they see kids at Sav-A-Lot or Rite Aid and there’s friendly familiarity. Your involvement can make a difference.