Clean Up Waterways and Earn Credits on Your Water Bill

Did you know you can lower your water bill while spending time in the great outdoors?

Under a creative new Baltimore Public Works program, volunteers can earn stormwater credits by working on projects that benefit Baltimore waterways. Eligible projects include cleanups that remove trash and invasive plants from our parks.

Water bill with stormwater fee
Water bill with stormwater fee.

Mark Cameron of the Department of Public Works and Mary Hardcastle of Recreation & Parks have been working to provide park volunteers with the information they need to lead cleanup projects. By completing these projects, volunteers can earn credits toward their water bill – up to $30 per year.

See this how-to guide that explains the fairly simple process for getting a project started.

As the weather gets warmer, spending a day in the park to reduce your water bill sounds too good to pass up. Plus, you will be caring for city parks and helping the Chesapeake Bay watershed.