Dusk-to-Dawn Light Bulbs Make Our Streets Safer

Dawn-to-Dusk lightAfter the recent MRIA inventory of lighting in our neighborhood’s streets and alleys, the volunteers who conducted the survey noted that a number of houses had front door lights that were not turned on.

Brightly lit streets and sidewalks help make the neighborhood safer. The MRIA Lighting Committee encourages everyone to keep their outdoor lights on at night.

And they suggest an automatic and energy efficient way to do this: replace your unlit outdoor lights with dusk-to-dawn light bulbs.

These bulbs automatically turn themselves on at dusk and off again at dawn, so you can simply leave the light switch turned on all the time. The bulbs are also energy efficient and long-lasting.

TIP: Take your old bulb with you when you go to the store to buy the dusk-to-dawn replacement to make sure you get the correct size.