Garden Club grants $7,500 for neighborhood greening projects

Ornamental gazebo in the 1700 block of Linden Avenue. Credit: Baltimore Heritage

The Bolton Hill Garden Club last month approved a record $7,500 in grants to create and improve publicly accessible green spaces to beautify the community. A total of eight projects will be funded throughout the neighborhood, including:

  • Landscape improvement and native plant installation (already underway) in the 1600/1700 blocks of the Park Avenue Median ($2,300)
  • Enlargement of five tree wells and related planting on the 1700 block of Linden Avenue ($1,500)
  • Shrub removal, soil amendment and planting of 400 native plants in gardens surrounding the Francis Scott Key Monument, 1300 Eutaw Place ($500)
  • Planting of perennials and ivy removal in the southern quadrant of Rutter’s Mill Park ($1,300)
  • Restoration and replanting of John Street Park, 1300 John Street, damaged by BGE work ($1,000).
  • Lawn reseeding in F. Scott Fitzgerald Park at Bolton and Robert streets. ($200)
  • Refurbishment of Pollinator Teaching Garden at Mt. Royal Elementary/Middle School ($300)
  • Refresh of Maple Leaf Park, including removing invasive plants and planting natives and groundcover ($400)

This $7,500 was matched by $10,000 in other funding, including over $5,000 contributed by the BHCA and its Greening Committee. Thanks to Greening Grant Committee members for their hard work in reviewing the greening grant proposals: Bonnie Legro, Lisa Johnson, Avendui Lacovara, Lee Tawney, Fritz Meyer, Natalie Ford, and Steve Oliner.

Funding greening projects is a core function of the Bolton Hill Garden Club, supported by membership dues and fundraising during sponsored plant sales and events throughout the year.