Help Build Ana’s Garden

By Kendra Parlock

Longtime neighbor Marcia Ribeiro is hoping to build a garden in Bolton Hill. Ana’s Garden will be a tribute to Marcia’s mother, Ana, and a memorial for her love for Bolton Hill. Ana passed away from pancreatic cancer last fall.

Rendering of Ana's Garden
Landscape architect’s rendering of Ana’s Garden.

Ana decided to spend her retirement in Bolton Hill with Marcia and her husband Paul Silvestri after having worked as a nurse for 25 years. Many neighbors knew Ana from her walks in the dog park at the end of Mosher. She loved spending time there getting to know the people that passed through and the dogs that ran in the park.

Plan for Ana's Garden

Ana’s Garden will be a quiet, reflective space located at the dog park that will enable people to come together as a community during a time when many feel the need to come together more. The project and design was approved by Linden Park Building Management and the MRIA Architectural Review Committee. The space will feature seven trees of different varieties, nine boulders and four custom benches made of cypress, steel and concrete that will be inviting and architecturally interesting.

Bench designs
Bench designs for Ana’s Garden.

Fundraising began in March to cover all expenses as well as future maintenance and upkeep. So far Bolton Hill neighbors and friends of Ana have contributed approximately $7500 of the $22,000 that is needed.  Marcia is managing the project and has enlisted the help of a landscape designer, artist and fabricator in an organic process of creation and development. The first plantings are scheduled to be installed in October.

Please support the project by donating to Ana’s Garden on or dropping off a donation at 1422 Bolton St. You can honor the memory of a loved one in the garden with an engraved plaque that will be affixed to one of the nine boulders (available for a $300 donation). Plaques may be installed on on one of the two small benches for a $1200 donation or on one of the two large benches for a $2400 donation.

Please contact Marcia at (443)717-2200 or with questions and for more information.