New Spaces Create Opportunities at Samaritan Community

As busy as she is, Sharon Krieger, Program Director at Samaritan Community, is always thinking about the future. For many years, she has dreamed of expanding the organization’s clothing “shop” and creating a workroom where members can gather, work, and connect.

This past September, she was able to realize both of these visions.

Funded partly through a grant from the Middendorf Foundation, these projects were completed simultaneously. The work commenced this past summer, building custom closets, replacing old flooring, purchasing computers, moving furniture, and setting up internet access.

The new Samaritan Community workroom is now available for members to make phone calls, search online for jobs, complete paperwork for social services, register for school and job training programs, and more.

At the same time, Samaritan Community expanded the clothing shop. It now comfortably provides access to all the clothing and household items available to members and their families.

“Both rooms are safe spaces, warm and welcoming. They also hold important functionality for our members,” says Sharon. “They can tend to personal business, explore new opportunities, and get critical necessities more easily. Plus, these new spaces provide a place for members to talk, help, and support one another. I’m confident they will make our already tight community even closer.”

As is true for most everything at Samaritan Community, the importance of community is behind these renovations. For more information on Samaritan Community, visit their website or call its development office at 443-438-9286.