Searching for a worthy cause to support this month?

When it reorganized and adopted its new name in 2019, Bolton Hill Community Association also obtained a 501©(3) tax-exempt certificate.  That means that holiday donations to BHCA or to a host of worthy projects embraced by BHCA can be conveniently supported with a credit card and a few computer clicks, although mailed contributions are welcome, as well.

BHCA serves as a fiduciary agent for several neighborhood efforts involving parks and gardens, greening and cleanups, festivals and social causes.  Visit the BHCA website to support any of them or make an undesignated gift to the association.  Any of them qualify as tax-deductible charitable contributions for this tax year as long as they are made before the year ends.  Also consider whether your employer can match your contribution.

The website also lists a wide range or other organizations and worthy causes in and near Bolton Hill, most of them also tax-exempt, compiled by BHCA’s Social Action Task Force (SATF) and updated a few weeks ago by task force members Chris Kingsley and Peter Van Buren.  More information here.