Bolton Hill Notes

BHCA January and February meetings are virtual

The BHCA board and community meetings on Tuesday, Jan. 3, and Tuesday, Feb. 7 will be held on Zoom, given the early seasonal darkness and cold weather. Any member or new resident is welcome to attend. Sign-in information will be posted on the website and the BHCA Facebook page a few days before each meeting date.

Time for a holiday review of BHCA’s giving guide

Looking for a worthy cause (and perhaps a tax deduction)?

BHCA’s guide to chartable giving is a great place to begin your research. Compiled and updated by the association’s Social Action Task Force, it focuses on local non-profit organizations serving the 21217 ZIP Code that always welcome contributions and volunteer support. You’ll find neighborhood churches and synagogues, schools and youth programs and community organizations working to lift up those who need help. All are not-for-profit, with a focus on our nearby neighbors.

Greek Orthodox church wants to tear down rowhouses, but others object

Recently the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation just south of the neighborhood announced that it is seeking to demolish five adjacent rowhouses on Preston Street in the Mount Vernon neighborhood across the street from the church. They plan to create a prayer garden on the site.

According to Johns W. Hopkins, who directs Baltimore Heritage, the rowhouses (number 35-43 West Preston Street) are architecturally and historically special. Baltimore Heritage is teaming with the Mt. Vernon Belvedere Association and several Bolton Hill residents in calling on the church to be a good neighbor and work to find a solution that preserves the buildings. You can find more information here.

Greening Committee establishes seven goals for neighborhood parks in 2023

BHCA’s Greening Committee has established a 2023 activity program that focuses on seven key goals. The committee is made up of 41 stewards who support and maintain green spaces in Bolton Hill and two neighboring communities, Madison Park and Marble Hill. The goals are:

  • Complete planting around the Francis Scott Key monument on Eutaw Place.
  • Create a plan to improve the Sumpter Park playground on Laurens Street.
  • Develop a plan for repairs at Rutters Mill Park on Rutter Street.
  • Build and expand additional tree wells in the neighborhood.
  • Develop a plan for the Park Avenue medians.
  • Work with Madison Park and Marble Hill associations on increasing green spaces.

For further information or to volunteer, contact

Midtown expands services

Midtown Community Benefits District, which serves Bolton Hill and three other nearby neighborhoods, will expand its street cleaning and maintenance services to a seven-day schedule, starting in January. The additional day of service includes deployment of mechanized equipment to remove litter and loose trash in gutter lines and on sidewalks.

The use of this new equipment expands the efficiency and service area coverage of Midtown teams, while enabling one staff member to accomplish the same amount of work as three staff members providing broom and dustpan service on foot. Midtown also will augment servicing the 187-trash cans in its footprint.

Midtown also announced that as of Dec. 1, it had removed over 247.75 cubic yards of leaves, which have been delivered to nearby farms for green recycling. If leaf removal is your obsession, follow their weekly progress updates on social media using the #MidtownLeafRemoval hashtag.

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