Winter wonderland! Snow glistening! And a $50 or $100 fine.

In a Grinch-like holiday reminder, the city’s Department of Housing and Community Development sent out this notice for property owners and building managers:

All snow and ice should be removed from public sidewalks creating at least a two-foot-wide passage in both residential and business areas. Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks demonstrates courtesy toward all those who need to use the public walkways. There is an ordinance regarding snow removal that identifies residents’ responsibilities in removing snow from sidewalks, resulting in fines of $50 for residential properties and $100 for commercial properties.

All snow and ice, which has accumulated on the adjacent public sidewalk, must be removed within three hours after the end of a snow or ice event unless the snowfall stops between 3 pm and 6 am, in which case snow must be removed by 11 am.

Should you rat out your neighbor, or offer to help?

The city advises any resident who has concerns regarding sidewalk snow removal, within 24 to 48 hours after the end of an accumulation, to call 311. Residents may also call 311 to report locations that may be in violation of the snow removal ordinance.